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One Source - Many Streams

Moon Five Exercise


Waterfall Goddess at Chalice Well and Gardens

Photo by Jhenah Telyndru, Spring 2000

Like the Blood Spring of Avalon, there are many Emanations from the Well Head -- many rivulets of Truth from the Source. Whether we seek Her in the world around us, or try to understand Her as She was known in days gone by, the Earth and Her people have never been without the Great Goddess. From the dawn of human history to the present day She has been with us - reaching toward us, ever awaiting our hand stretched back towards Her in return. Each of Her many Faces have a lesson to share with us and a gift of understanding to give. 

Take some time to open yourself to the Wisdom of the Lady -- allow Her to speak with you in which ever of Her guises is most needed at the moment. Breathe, clear your mind and ask your Higher Self to aid you in being receptive to the draw of the Universe.  Take some time to intuitively choose three of the images hidden behind the icons below.  Spend time with each one, download or print them out so that you can add them to your journal, and use them in your sacred space. Do not use any intellectual means to research these images for the time being. Meditate on the Faces which are presented you, and seek to understand these Manifestation of the Lady. Doorway them, and spend time meditating on the Goddesses you have intuitively chosen. Take note of your feelings about each image. Are you drawn to it, disturbed by it? Does it feel comfortable or alien to you? What do each of them say to you? What is opened by your working with each of these images? Distant memories? Insights? Clarity on long-standing issues? What elemental energetic would you assign each of the three Ladies you have chosen? Be sure to share some of your insights with your mentor.

Trust your intuition and seek Her within... where She has ever been.



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