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The Sisterhood of Avalon embraces a vibrant and diverse group of women within our international community, and accepts new members twice yearly at the Holy Days of Calan Mai (Lunar Beltane) and Calan Gaeaf (Lunar Samhain). If you are interested in joining the SOA, please use the scroll to the left to learn more about membership opportunities.

Please join our low volume, announcement-only mailing list to stay informed with community announcements, workshop offerings and membership portal openings.

You can help support the Sisterhood of Avalon and her members by visiting our fundraising pages, where monies raised benefit our many scholarship programs, community works, international tithing, and the SOA Land Fund. Additionally, the SOA sponsors the Sisterhood Exchange Program, a bartering and matronage program that harkens back to more women-centered methods of economic support and exchange.

Current SOA Sisters may peruse our newsletter, The Barge, and will find updated information for SOA Hearths, study groups, officers and chairs, as well as information about community projects and activities.

Please use the navigation scroll to the left to explore these opportunities.

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