Avalonian Symbols
The following are some of the major symbols of the Avalonian Tradition and the Sisterhood of Avalon.




The Sisterhood of Avalon Logo
This official logo of the Sisterhood of Avalon, created for us by our Sister Gwydd, is the primary identifying image of the SOA. The central image is that of the Celtic Triskle, here moving in a counter-clockwise motion as a reflection of the energies of the Divine Feminine. The arms of the triskle are comprised of stylized 9’s in honor of the Ancient Ninefold Sisterhood of Avalon - and when tripled, reflects the Cycle of the Moon. At the center of the triskle is the halved apple -- that eponymous symbol of Avalon -- revealing the Five Seeds of Wisdom at the core of the Avalonian Tradition.




The Five Seeds of Wisdom
The horizontally cut apple reveals the Mystery of the Fivefold Cycle -- that which brings us to the Wisdom at the heart of the Self. This Fivefold Energy is reflected in the Goddesses of the Avalonian Pantheon and is the essence of the Avalonian Cycle of Healing.




The Nine pointed Star
The primary symbol of the Ninefold Sisterhood of Avalon, the Nine pointed Star honors the Nine Morgens - the Honored Ancestresses of Avalon and Guardians of the Avalonian Tradition.





The Silver Apple
The mystical fruit yielded from the Silver Branch which calls us to the Journey across the waters, the Silver Apple represents the Otherworldly Island of Avalon and the Lunar Mysteries kept by her Priestesses.




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