Pilgrimage to the Motherland


A Journey through the Sacred Landscapes of the
Avalonian Tradition: Presented by the Sisterhood of Avalon

Our last Pilgramge was from June 21 through July 1, 2009. Information regarding future Pilgrimages will be posted soon.


(Photography on this page by Robin L. Wallace)

Come join with Sisters of the Spirit on a ten-day Pilgrimage where we will explore both inner and outer landscapes and balance conscious sightseeing with ritual, Imram and Avalonian teachings.

We will immerse ourselves in the energies of the sacred landscapes of the Avalonian Tradition, bringing to life the legendary lands of The Mabinogion and connecting with sites held sacred to the ancient Britons. Stand in Druid Groves and chant in Stone Circles. Bathe in holy springs, explore ancestral barrows, and climb ceremonial hills. Experience first hand the mystical energies of Cymru and the Sacred Island of Avalon, portal to the Otherworld and Temple Center of Holy Women.

We will spend five days in Wales, visiting sites associated in literature and ancient folk memory with Ceridwen, Blodeuwedd, Rhiannon, Arianrhod, and Branwen. We will then travel to Glastonbury, believed by many to be Avalon of old, where we will spend the next five days of the pilgrimage visiting this “holiest erthe in Englande.” Time will be spent in experiential workshops, sharing in ritual amidst the sacred landscapes, and immersing ourselves in the spiritual energies of sites associated with the Goddesses of Avalon and the priestesses of old who are our spiritual foremothers.

For more information on any upcoming Pilgrimages, please contact our Pilgrimage Coordinator: pilgrimage@sisterhoodofavalon.org



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