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Past Symposia presented
by the Sisterhood of Avalon

Avalonian Symposium 2000
November 9 - 12, 2000
Cloudland, Georgia

We invited all members of the Sisterhood of Avalon to join with us for the First Annual Avalonian Symposium. Held on safe, sacred Women’s Land, this gathering emulated and honored the atmosphere and training of our Avalonian Foremothers . This First Symposium focused upon immersion in Celtic Culture, Women’s Mysteries and the Avalonian Path with the aim of deepening our connection with the culture, traditions and Goddesses of Avalon. Coming from our growing family of Sisters, our presenters shared and guided us through a kaleidoscope of topics and work dear to their hearts -- with Avalon as a common thread.

Held at the Season of Samhain, a time of growth through inner work and personal transformation, the Symposium also acted as a time for connection and bonding with Sisters walking parallel paths. Through ritual, workshops, labyrinth work and inner questing, this work further cleared the way for those women dedicated to accessing all that is Avalon.
The Symposium took place at Hawks Above Spiritual Retreat Center, a glorious site that encompasses 700 acres on the top of Lookout Mountain in Cloudland Georgia. Time was spent in experiential workshops, quiet devotion and inner work. The weekend’s activities included:

Avalonian Healing Techniques
Avalonian Herbalism
Astrology and the Avalonian Cycle
Songs of Avalon: The Sacred Voice
Avalon and the Mysteries of the Labyrinth
Making Traditional Celtic Plant Dyes
Avalonian Full Moon Ritual
Samhain Fire Portal Working
Honoring of the Ancestors
Labyrinth Walk and Ritual
Bardic Circle (Chants, Songs and Storytelling)
Shamanic Drumming and Workshop
Circle of Remembrance
Masque of Silence
Crafts for the Cycle
The Cycle of Breath
The Art of Divination

The Symposium culminated in our Hallows Ball, which was a night of fun and revelry where we dressed up as our favorite Otherworldly persona... played traditional Samhain games... danced... sang... bobbed for apples... made a Celtic totem pole from pumpkins... ate, drank and made merry! Together we celebrated the New Year, our Ancestors and the newly forged or renewed bonds of Sisterhood!

The First Annual Avalonian Symposium was a transformational experience. We hope to see you next time!



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