Sisterhood Exchange Program

The Sisterhood Exchange Program (SEP) is a program by which Sisters can receive discounts on products or services from participating members. Its purpose is to encourage women to matronize Sisters who offer products and services through their businesses or hobbies. This program provides a marketplace where Sisters can help another Sister’s business by purchasing from them or even bartering an exchange of goods or services. All current SOA members can receive a 10% to 30% discount on orders placed with SEP Providers. It’s very simple to use the program. Use the following SEP Providers list. Visit the websites listed to place your order or you can also email the Sister directly. Be sure to include in your order the SEP number that was assigned to you when you joined the SOA. Th is is the only way to receive a discount as it is the surest proof that you are a SOA Member. Some providers also offer extra discounts or have exceptions to their discounts, so it is a good idea to contact the SEP Provider before placing your order.

Do you have a business or hobby that your Sisters could matronize? We’d love to have you as a member of the SEP. It could be just about anything and doesn’t necessarily have to be metaphysical. (We all have mundane lives too!) Perhaps you are a Real Estate agent who would give a discount on fees, or a florist who’d offer a discount on bouquets. Maybe you are a hairstylist who will give a discount to Sisters in your area, or an accountant who can give a special rate on processing financial forms. If you have a product or service, we’d like to see you listed in our directory. Contact Debbie, the SEP Coordinator, for more information and guidelines at

*Any woman who is a member of the SOA is eligible to participate in the Programs.


Sisterhood Exchange Program Providers

Alicia -- Annabella and companycreativity collective
Avalonia: specializing in Avalon-inspired creations including Chalice Well Water Soap/Sebon o’r Fynnon Rhudd and energetically-aligned beadwork. Parfum Sortilège d’Avalon: over twenty original perfume blends inspired by Avalonian Work. Rabbit Moon: Goddess-inspired soaps. Aunt Bunny: artisanal bath and body products. Annabella and Co. Handmade Soap: artisanal soap. sk8kleen, wheel-shaped soaps for sk8ters. Magical Soap: the site for Alicia’s books. 33% discount throughout the Collective for SOA members.

Astrology, Tarot and Energy Work
Jhenah Telyndru -- WISE WITHIN -- Transformational readings that combine ancient wisdoms with modern depth psychology techniques.

SEP Businesses and Services
Avalon Moon -- Avalonian herbs and oil blends Specialized herbs, incense blends, and oils to help aid in your Avalonian journey. Please ask for updated price and product list.

Jenny -- Healing Arts
Reiki Master/Teacher specializing in distance reiki for people and animals, and in-person animal reiki in the Philadelphia area.
My website is at
My phone # is 215.817.0833. I’d like to offer a 20% discount for all SOA sisters.

Dana Geddes -- Techette
A no sugar, no carb energy drink with only 8 calories in five flavors. This drink Boosts energy with vitamins and herbs - not sugar. Also check out our line of weight loss products, vitamin and herbal supplements and a wide range of skin care. Products will be offered at a 15% to 30% discount. (login with your email and password “techette”)

Sarah Krans -- Stampin’ Up!
Demonstrator Hand-stamped cards. With a selection of over 50 cardstock colors and 50+ stamp sets, there is something for everyone! Cards will be sold to SOA members for $1.00 each and non-members for $1.50 each. $.10 of each card sold goes to the SOA. If you are interested in making your own cards and scrapbooks, orders for supplies can be made as well (Catalogs can be viewed online or ordered for $10 which is applied to purchase from the catalog). I will offer a 10% discount on catalog purchases to SOA members - and 5% of the total purchase will be donated to the SOA. Website:

Ann Marie -- A Thousand Ages
Come into a world where your spiritual essence is expressed in every aspect of your daily life. Whether you are on a specific spirtual path or wishing to bring spirituality into your everyday life welcomes you. We offer incense, jewelry, candles, books, statues, tarot and yoga accessories. Type SOA SEP# in the second address line or send me a direct email after you have ordered and I will send you a free sample of incense or a travel candle.
You can email me or

Jocelyn Russell -- Artist
Handmade journals and photo albums in a variety of styles or made to order.

Silvia Sanchez -- Mary Kay Cosmetics
Skincare, cosmetics, vitamins, beauty tips, free makeovers and mini facials to sisters In my area, and 10% off to any sister on all products!

Nancy Stinnett -- Geosoul Arts
Dichronic glass cabochons, rough and slabbed natural stone (over 80 varieties of agate and jasper available); custom cutting of natural stone cabochons; hand blown art glass. SOA members receive 15% off every order by entering the coupon code “Avalon” during checkout.

Krishna Vallabha-Wing
I am a Celtic / Indian singer/songwriter, and I have 2 CDs of beautiful music. CDs are usually sold for $16 dollars each, I will sell them to SOA members for $14 as a special offer. Please go to my website for more information or email me to order.

Caitiri (Amy Pogue)-- Mary Kay Cosmetics
I’ll offer all sisters a 15% discount off their total purchase of Mary Kay products! I do parties all throughout Arkansas and I keep an announcement-only mailing list on Yahoo to update my clients on where I’ll be traveling so sisters in the area can know when I’ll be in their part of the country!by phone at (501) 227-0256 and through my website

Anu --Web Design
I’m offering my services as a professional web designer. I can make individual websites for private use up to medium companies, including design, prograimage editing, implementation of interactive services (forums, online-shops, guestbooks, e-mail management, etc.), tutoring, counselling and online marketing. I’m offering sisters who want private websites a discount of 50 % (from an already low rate) and sisters who want websites for their companies a discount of 30%. These services are normally offered by agencies and I can tell from experience that they take a LOT more than their work and amount of time invested is really worth!
This service can be established from anywhere in the world as only a good online communication is necessary to
fulfill the customer’s wishes.

Dawn Welburn --Silver Lake
We have an eBay store & two physical stores, in Carmel, NY. I would be willing to offer a 15% discount to Sisters who shop on our website AND at both of our physical stores. We sell a mix of items from both of our stores online, with our eBay store continually growing.
Store #1 is Silver Lake, a sterling silver jewelry store specializing in Celtic jewelry. We also carry many celtic sidelines, irish imports, clothing and fashion accessories.
Store #2 is Silver Lake East, a Spiritual Awakening. We carry incense, oils, candles, books, tarot/oracle cards and more. We also have classes such as yoga, tai chi, bellydance, 4 tarot readers, a spiritual medium, drum circles, etc.
My website is

Ginger -- The Alchemist’s Star
The Alchemist’s Star is a jewelry company offering handmade custom chain maille bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants, and anklets. Pieces are offered in sterling silver, argentium silver, copper, gold-filled, and 18K gold. I’ve incorporated wire wrapped stones, beads, and charms into my work. Ready made jewelry in sterling silver is also available through , Ebay, and at The Owl Nest in Frederick, MD. SOA Sisters with SEP numbers receive a 10% discount (which also applies should anything be on an existing sale).

Nancy G. -- NRG-Travel
My hubby and I have a web based travel agency at Just go on the site and you can book any trip you need, including airfare, hotels, car rental, excursions, flowers for your honey, sporting event tickets, cruises and much more. If you give us your email address, we will send you travel specials every couple of weeks...This way you can jump on the really good trips fast. These home based websites are available to others as well. If you have any questions about travel, want to know more about the business, or want to send us your email address for great travel specials, just email us at: EMAIL Thank you sisters, Nancy G (LadyBrede)

Annelies -- Gaiawomyn Creations
I weave baskets, quilt table runner/altar clothes and make Rose Geranium massage oil and Sage/Lavender smudge sticks. I sell under the name of Gaiawomyn creations and my works are all intentionally crafted with Goddess energy and guidance. The herbs I use in my oil and smudge sticks are grown in my garden organically and are harvested under the full moon. My baskets are made from rattan reeds and they range from candle baskets and wall pouches to harvest and herb drying baskets. My altar clothes are hand pieced and machine quilted with an array of cotton fabrics to reflect the season/Holiday. 10% on baskets, 20% on altar clothes and herbal products. You can order over the phone 8604871100 or via email at (be sure to ID yourself as SOA in the subject line).

Tess - Solstice Art
I create enchanting Faerie Doors & Cottages as well as Wearable Art. All of my Award Winning Enchanted Forest Doors are little magical portals into the Faerie World. They have beautiful intricate details, and some have wrapped wire gemstones and beads. Lore states that if you put a Faerie Door into a room, not a foul spirit dares to enter it! My Wearable Art includes Faerie Trinklets & Faerie Hair...very popular among festival fae!

Please visit me at By providing your
SEP #, all SOA Members are entitled to enjoy a 25% discount!

Solstice Art has been awarded the December 2008 Froudian Artist of the Month Award and has been featured in blogs, magazines and online e-zine publications!


More information about
the Sisterhood Exchange Program

The availability of products and services will be dependent on the participation of the Sisters involved. The possibilities are endless and are limited only by the creativity of the members. Such products/services might include jewelry, clothing, statuary, framed or unframed art, candles, incense, knives, candlesticks, herbs, oils, Tarot readings, energy workings, astrological charts, needlecrafts, woodcrafts, etc.

Sisters participating in the Programs will be able to purchase items that are diffi cult to fi nd in their area, to order unique or custom-made items, to barter for wares/services, to support the creativity of other women in the Sisterhood, to receive a 10%-20% discount on all products/services obtained through the SEP, and to offer their own products/services to a larger number of people than before.

If your SOA dues are paid, you are already a member of the Sisterhood Exchange Program and your Membership Code was included in your membership packet. In order to differentiate between SEP customers and other customers, please include the Membership Code on all orders made through SEP contacts. This will ensure that only SEP members receive the 10%-20% discount offered through this program.

If you would like to register your products/services with the SEP, and you are a SOA member, please send the following information to Debbie (please put “SEP inquiry” in the subject line.)

1. Your name

2. Your contact information, including SEP Code

3. A detailed description of your products and services

4. Your URL (if applicable)

The SOA is not responsible for the content of individual websites, nor is this listing of suppliers a guarantee of goods and/or services. In the event of a complaint and/or discrepancy, please try to deal with it through the supplier. If you are still dissatisfied, please send an email to Debbie, along with your name and all the information. We’ll keep records, and if there is an indication of a pattern developing with that supplier that cannot be resolved, we will remove them from our list.




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