Three parts to every action: thought, word, and deed.
-Celtic Triad

In addition to the scholarships and grants we make available for learning opportunities and special projects which enrich the spiritual lives of our Sisters and encourage growth of the Avalonian Tradition, the Sisterhood of Avalon supports the following Trusts and organizations by annually tithing a percentage of our membership dues.

We encourage our members and visitors to our site to consider donating in support of these worthy causes:

Chalice Well Trust

Glastonbury Goddess Temple and Goddess Hall

The White Spring

Friends of Bride’s Mound

Gwynedd Museum and Art Gallery

Witches’ Voice

SOA has also made donations to the American Red Cross in an eff ort to help victims of the Asian Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina. Please consider assisting in anyway that you can. Even a small amount of extra money, along with your positive energy, will make a difference!

American Red Cross




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