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In the Sisterhood of Avalon, we strongly encourage our Sisters to immerse themselves in some aspect of British Celtic culture as an integral part of working in the Avalonian Tradition. We believe that a deep connection to our Spiritual Ancestors can be obtained through embracing facets of their cultural heritage: language, art, music, folk-tradition, craft, literature, poetry, and so on. In addition to honoring Celtic Britons by participating in the growth and preservation of their culture today, these threads of inquiry permit us to better understand the socio-religious context from which the legends of Ynys Afallon were born. We stress fact over fantasy and discernment skills over imagination; ultimately, we seek a balance between scholastic understanding and intuitive wisdom.

To aid you in your quest for knowledge we have created a bookstore in conjunction with The Library Bookshop. We’ve listed some recommended resources which will give you more in depth knowledge in various topics such as Celtic Mythology and Legend, Arthurian Studies, and much more. Any purchases made will help support the Sisterhood of Avalon, as well as your local public library! Also, the SOA receives 15% commission on every purchase.

Shipping is free in the US on orders of $25 or more. We have a price-match policy. If our product does not match a competitor such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble in price, let us know and we'll change it.

When you get there you will see our collection organized into SOA unique departments, including books for reference in ongoing discussions, or simply recommended good reads.

Many thanks for all of your support!


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