The Sisterhood of Avalon is pleased to present a growing selection of beautiful Sisterhood items. Proceeds from the sale of these items benefits one or more of the many projects the Sisterhood is pursuing.

We’ve set up a simple shopping cart to help you with your purchasing. We’re connected to PayPal, and through them you may pay by credit card or direct transfer. You may, of course, also send a Money Order. Contact the SOA Board Treasurer, with your order information if you are outside the USA or have any other ordering questions. Please allow four to six weeks for delivery.

Just for fun - and to raise money for SOA Scholarships! Check out the merchandise at the SOA’s Cafe Press stores. Tee shirts, bibs and other fun stuff! Each item is made by the Cafe Press people, and you get it directly from them. The amount that goes to the SOA is small, but the desire for some wearable pride was large, and every little bit helps!


Cafe Press Shops
Fundraising Shop 1 - SOA T-Shirt Logo
Fundraising Shop 2 - SOA Priestess Art
Fundraising Shop 3 - SOA Barge Splash Page Art


Tor Stone Soap

The image of our Tor Stone Pendant has been rendered in soap. How do they do that!? The soap is cast from gentle glycerin soap base, colored with silver mica and scented
with Lavender essential oil. Lovingly created exclusively for the SOA by our sister Alicia - Council of Nine Artisan Matron, Author and Director of Annabella and Company Creativity Collective. $6.00

When ordering soaps, use the shopping cart, and we will let you know your shipping charge in a separate email.

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Thank you for your support and Goddess Bless!


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