SOA Newsletter - January 2007

Greetings All!

 Welcome to the first edition of the new monthly newsletter of the Sisterhood of Avalon. This newsletter will feature announcements of SOA projects and activities; dates of SOA workshops, intensives and Pilgrimages; reminders for membership portal openings; information about SOA Hearth Open Teas and events; and sharings of various works offered by the Sisterhood of Avalon. We hope you enjoy our new format and welcome your feedback!

The Sisterhood of Avalon extends our deepest blessings of joy, abundance and transformation to all in 2007!


The next SOA Membership Portal Opening is Calan Mai, 2007

Trancing the Inner Landscape: Avalonian Landscape Postures DVD

Created, Written and Narrated by Jhenah Telyndru; Directed by Isadora Gabrielle Leidenfrost; Produced by the Sisterhood of Avalon

Embark upon a transformational Spiritual Pilgrimage to the Holy Island of Avalon through this complete system of Avalonian Landscape Postures. Through this powerful physical discipline of journeying, one can remember, reclaim and renew these Sacred Goddess sites of the ancient Priestess Isle. These unique Avalonian trance postures work to awaken the alchemical energies of Avalon in our lives.

SEP Price: $19.95; Non-Member Price: $24.95

The  purchase of this DVD helps support the Sacred Land Fund of the Sisterhood of Avalon, dedicated to the establishment of a Goddess-Centered Avalonian Community. For more information, visit 

One Red Spring Vial Barter Blog
Introducing the Sisterhood of Avalon blog, One Vial of Red Spring Water! Inspired by the fabulous One Red  and One White Swan Feather blogs, the Sisterhood of Avalon will be embarking on a quest to achieve our long-term goal of manifesting sacred land in the United States for our spiritual community. This land will provide a permanent space for women to remember the traditions of Avalon, to reclaim the legacy of the Goddess and to renew the energies of Mother Earth. The SOA has always embraced the loving and supportive energy of empowering our members and other women by means of barter, gift economy, scholarships and grants. We are honored and pleased to participate in a process that weaves together like-minded spirits and loving energies in the pursuit of our quest for sacred land.

For the Sisterhood of Avalon, the enduring waters of the Red Spring symbolize our connection with the Isle of Avalon, the blood of life so vital and sacred to all women, and the healing to be found in nurturing a connection to the Goddess. As such, we feel these Holy Waters are a fitting foundation upon which to build a community united in spirit with the essence of Ancient Avalon. We have traded the Red Spring Vial for a beautiful handmade, stone and crystal embellished wand, which has now been traded for a vintage Majolica vase. 

We are very excited about this project, and will continue to update our progress through this newsletter. To find out more or to participate in the bartering, please visit the Red Spring Vial Blog. We are presently taking barter offers for the beautiful Majolica vase, pictured on the left, and we would love to hear from you!

2007 Avalonian Date Book

The Sisterhood of Avalon's 2007 date book is entitled “Throne of the Lady: A Year with the Goddess in the Landscape.” More than just a calendar, the SOA date book features original writing, photography, and prompts for journaling and exploration alongside a 12-month planner. Information on lunar and solar movements, Avalonian holy days and prominent seasonal energies is also included inside.

The 104-page, full-color SOA date book is designed with functionality in mind. The coil bound pages of the date book lay flat when open – making it easier for you to access the pages, write daily entries, and jot down notes. The entire SOA date book, including the front and back covers, can be previewed and purchased online here. The cost for the SOA 2007 date book is $25.00 plus shipping and handling.

The Tor Stone

The Tor Stone  is a quarterly electronic journal charting the female path of personal growth and empowerment through the Mysteries of Avalon and the guidance of the Goddess. Published at each of the four Celtic Holy Days by the Sisterhood of Avalon, each issue of The Tor Stone reflects the prominent energy of each portal and the ways in which our processes of healing and growth as women mirror this endless Cycle.

Features include such subjects as personal growth and the spiritual journey, herbalism and healing, poetry, art, energetic and ritual techniques, the Goddesses of Avalon, Celtic traditions, Women's Mysteries and much, much more. Our mission is to create a publication that is informative, instructional and inspirational ... speaking to the inner wisdom of every woman.

Subscribe to The Tor Stone and get the next four issues delivered to your email inbox for only $18 (SOA members pay only $15). One issue arrives on each Lunar Holy Day. For more information about subscriptions, submissions and advertising, please visit The Tor Stone website.

SOA Intensives 2007

We are presently in the process of setting up our Avalonian Training Intensives for 2007. These four day residential retreats are powerful ways for women to learn Avalonian ritual, techniques, tools and philosophy from an experiential perspective. Come to connect with the Goddesses of Avalon, and learn how to transform your life and empower yourself through the Avalonian Mysteries.

We will be presenting Level I, II and III Intensives this year in various locations around the United States. Watch this space for more information coming soon.

SOA Fundraising Items

The Sisterhood of Avalon is pleased to present a growing selection of beautiful Sisterhood items. Proceeds from the sale of these items benefits one or more of the many projects the Sisterhood is pursuing.


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